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Improve posture. Ease back pain. Tone & streamline. Look great & feel fabulous at TopNotch Pilates Studio in Los Alamos, New Mexico!


TopNotch Pilates is a fully equipped Pilates and personal training fitness boutique in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We offer both Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates: private and semi-private Pilates sessions and personal training sessions in addition to eclectic small group trainings. TRX, pilatestick, MVe chair, strength training, barre, and more! At TopNotch Pilates & Fitness there are endless possibilities to improve your health and well-being!

Pilates Los Alamos NM

Pilates is an exercise system that creates length & strength, stability & mobility of the entire body as a unit. Aesthetically, Pilates tones and streamlines muscles and helps to flatten the stomach. Functionally, it improves posture, breathing, circulation and helps to correct muscle imbalances making all movements, whether athletic or everyday, easier and more fluid to execute. Pilates, done correctly, also eases back and neck pain, joint pain and is gentle enough, yet difficult enough, to be done from ages 9 to 90 for even the most fit or those injured and/or new to exercise.

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TopNotch Pilates
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